The Fae Worlds

Waking Up

Without opening my eyes I rolled to turn my phone alarm off. Instead of finding my phone in the place where it should have been my fingers hit a lamp. I lay still for a few seconds, my fingers on the lamp. It was real. I could feel it, even though I wished I couldn’t. The familiar sound of my alarm continued, as I accepted the fact it had happened to me, because I didn’t have any other option.
Everyone heard stories about people who’d found themselves living out the storyline from one of their favourite books, becoming a part of one of the TV series they watched, or learning the truth about a game they’d played. No one ever really thought it would happen to them until it did. I’d never once thought I’d be one of those people, only I was, so I needed to work out where I was… and who I’d become.
As I opened my eyes I pushed myself up. I was in a motel room. My phone was literally inches from where my hand had been. Sighing, I picked it up to turn the alarm off, slowly looking around the room at the same time. There was nothing to tell me where I was, but I did have an idea what TV series I’d found myself in. That was when I realised I had ‘my’ phone. I shook my head. How could I be so stupid? Some of the answers I was looking for would be within the text messages on it. One of the things everyone said was that you were given an idea of who you were, by someone or something, and no one else being in the room meant I’d be likely to learn something from my phone.
Fortunately my passcode was the same. I couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. It would have been just my luck that I couldn’t get into the phone. Feeling a little more sure of myself I started out by looking at the contacts I had saved. Unlike my normal self my TV series self only had four contacts. Louise Atkins. Jennifer Atkins. Raina no last name. October West.
Okay, well, I didn’t know any of them, so that wasn’t a good place to start. Of course that wasn’t unusual. Another thing all the returnees said was whatever they’d read, seen, or played had been very different to what they’d actually experienced. If I was in the TV series I thought I was… maybe the names had been changed. The series revolved around two sisters who’d lived through the end of the world as they knew it, and there was no reason for me to think those two sisters were the two women I had saved into my phone.
It clicked then. Well, sort of clicked. I knew who Raina no last name was. I was in contact with her? How did I even know her? All I could do was hope I didn’t meet her before I’d worked out what I needed to know. Shaking my head, I turned my attention to the text messages. The very first message I had was from Jennifer. ‘We’re in the middle of something right now, Beth. You know we’d come if we weren’t. I’m sending two hunters we know. They’ll be with you about 9 am tomorrow.’
Two hunters told me I was right about the series. Okay, that was a step in the right direction. I checked the time. 7 am. I had a couple of hours to prepare for their arrival, which was better than nothing, but I didn’t want to seem entirely clueless. Luckily for me my series was one where almost all the characters had journals. All I had to do was find mine, brush up on who I was meant to be, and hope the new arrivals didn’t ask me any questions I couldn’t answer.
Feeling like I wasn’t going to screw things up entirely, for the first time since I woke up, I slipped out of the bed. A bag sat at the end of it, but that could wait until I’d had a cup of coffee. Something I’d never been was a morning person, and that wasn’t going to change, even though my TV self apparently woke up stupidly early. Hopefully it was just a one off.
Once I had a mug of coffee in my hand I went over to my bag. The journal I’d written was right on the top. It looked as though I’d written in it before I went to sleep, so that was a good sign. At least it was until I started reading what I’d written. I shook my head, unable to believe I’d really been thrown into the action from the moment I woke up in this world, but from what I read that seemed to be the case.
Breathing deeply, trying not to let the panic I was beginning to feel get the better of me, I reread the entry, and there was no getting around it. I was a necromancer. Only I wasn’t the sort of necromancer who woke people from the dead – I was the sort who stopped those people, and sent the dead back to their rest. I was there to stop my brother from raising an army. I was there to use magics I had never used before in my life to stop someone who’d been using his abilities since he was a teenager. How had that happened to me?
Sighing, I flicked through the… my journal, needing more information on how I was going to stop my brother, who wasn’t one of the contacts in my phone. Max and I, apparently, didn’t get along well, probably because I was the person who’d stopped his plans more times than either of us could remember. At least I had written everything down. That was going to help. I stared down at what I was going to need to do in order to stop Max, sipping my coffee as I did, before reminding myself I was going to have visitors soon. I didn’t want to meet them in my pyjamas, but I also didn’t want to screw things up.
Being thrown in at the deep end was something I knew did happen. Other people had gone through the same thing on other worlds, some of them in a much worse position than I was. If they could do it then I could too. The first thing I needed to do was jump in the shower, so I could get dressed before my new companions arrived. When I was dressed I could learn how to cast the spell, because it didn’t look too complicated, probably due to the most important thing being the strength of the person casting it. All I could do was hope I was strong enough to be able to put down all of Max’s new friends.