The Transformed Worlds Landing Page

Worlds affected either by having the fae travel there, or by the Lupos.

Beshnai (Aurora’s World)

A world with very complicated magic, which can kill those who have it, if they aren’t killed by the people around them.

Kingdom: Atecia

Talking to the Dead

Felicia Blooming

Kingdom: Konir

Going Underground

Kingdom: Ialaera

Becoming Human

Atenia (Heliopath’s World)

On Atenia magic has always been complicated, and became even more so when the first war happened – leading to all the mages here removing their memories of magic in the hope it would save them from the future they were terrified of.


Unpredictable Ildieu

Kidori (The Magi)

A world where the Magi are the healers, now they’re free of the Carne.

Garcer Kingdom

An Allergic Reaction