The Fae Worlds Landing Page

Meet the Fae, and the other races connected to them.


Creating the Fae (Kalinia pre-apoc)

The Duke’s Ball (Kalinia pre-apoc)

Talking to Adrianna (Kalinia pre-apoc)

Learning More (Kalinia pre-apoc)

The Chosen Twin (Patreon – Kalinia post-apoc)

Unexpected Magic (Fae Earth)

Found (Fae Earth: Fae School)

An Attack (Patreon – Fae Earth)

Inheriting A Hotel (Fae Earth: The Hotel)

Meeting Willow (Fae Earth: The Hotel)

Going Back In Time (Fae Earth: The Lab)

A Mistake? (Fae Earth: The Lab)

An Unexpected Visitor (Fae Earth: The Lab)

The Unexpected (Fae Earth: The Lab)

An Unexpected Arrival (Patreon – Fae Earth)

The Farm (Patreon – Iaeria [Fictional World])

The New Farmer (Patreon – Iaeria [Fictional World])

A Change of Pace (Patreon – Iaeria [Fictional World])

The Farm (Patreon – Iaeria [Fictional World])

Morning (Patreon – Iaeria [Fictional World])

The Other Treasure Hunters (Deotis [Fictional World])

Four Hunters (Deotis [Fictional World])

A Stowaway (West Sun Rising [Fictional World])

Waking Up (Patreon – Talis [Fictional World])

A New World (Patreon – Astora [Fictional World])

Gathering Together (Patreon – Morix [Fictonal World])

New Game (Patreon: Segiri [Fictional World])

Let’s Play (Patreon: Segiri [Fictional World])

Alternate Universes

         Meeting River (Patreon – Fae Earth: Fae School)

Calling For Help (Talis [Fictional World])

The Last Straw (Talis [Fictional World])

Last Farm Standing (Patreon – Iaeria [Fictional World])

Finding the Farm (Patreon – Ieria [Fictional World])





World Building