The Fae Worlds

An Explanation

The Unexpected

Both Megan and Scott looked over, but only for a second, and then did their best to act normally. Eleanor glanced at Willow, who smiled. Then, after gently resting a hand on Eleanor’s shoulder for a moment as a reminder of her support, Willow left the lab. Explanations were Eleanor’s task. She raked a hand through her hair. When it came to when she needed to talk about there were no right words. Not being open made sense, considering the situation, but it could easily cause problems now the truth needed to be told.
At least some of it. Keeping how she’d ended up in the lab a secret was important, if Eleanor was to fix whatever damage was done, as changing things too much could easily make it worse. Playing with time wasn’t a choice most made, for good reasons, even though there were still some fae with the ability to.
Nibbling on her bottom lip Eleanor walked across the room. “I’m sure you have questions.”
Megan’s eyes met with Eleanor’s. “You already know Willow?”
“She’s family, in a way. Willow’s been a part of my life one way or another since I was born. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am now.” Eleanor breathed in deeply. “Father is a member of the Council. There are those who believe I’ll take his place when the time comes, and I think he even believed it, until I made certain decisions I don’t believe he’s ever going to forgive.
“He, like the other members of the Council, made the journey to this world with Willow, as she’s never been the kind of person to take no for an answer. Even then, new to the throne, she did what she believed she had to. I have a lot of respect for her, which is why I may claim Father’s place in the future. Working with her to help those who need it the most would be a worthwhile task.” She ran her tongue over her bottom lip. “Hence being here. Willow didn’t know I’d made the decision to work at the lab.”
“Why not?” Scott studied Eleanor. “Surely it would be something she’d be grateful for.”
“Unlike the two of you I know the history of the fae. The ‘true’ history.” Eleanor shook her head. “As true as our history gets, considering how much of it was lost. By making the choice I did I’ve complicated things.”
“The Wests.” Megan raised an eyebrow. “How many of them survived?”
“One we know of. There is a possibility of others, but Brennan doesn’t believe the Wests ever made the journey here before. As the heir to the power he’s the one who made the decision it wasn’t going to pass on. I can understand why, because there’s more to it than meets the eye.
“In order to explain we need to go back to a very complicated time in our history. What I’m going to share with you is what we know publicly, but there is a chance Brennan knows more, due to who he is. Him sharing it… well, I’d like to think he’ll be willing to help Willow, even with how complicated this may become. She’s right to believe it’s possible there are others out there who have the West magics.
“Even if there aren’t magic is far stranger than most of us truly understand. There is a chance, albeit a slim one, the magic will return at a point in the future. Brennan’s choice won’t matter. It’s not something we’ve seen happen so far, but we haven’t been here all that long. Magic evolves in ways most of us don’t truly understand.”
Most didn’t include Meriel, Roza, and Lorea. They were the ones who knew the most about magic. Sending Eleanor back in time was likely done for multiple reasons, with only one of them being Megan. With how things were working out it appeared she needed to learn more about magic, especially the magic of the Wests, and create some kind of relationship with Brennan.
Building something more with Brennan, even if it was something as small as a tentative alliance, would at least please her father. Eleanor had been gently urged in the direction more than once, as he still believed it was important for her to connect with the right people. Due to who his family was Brennan was seen as one of the right people.
“Leading Willow to create the lab.” Megan nodded slowly. “To learn more, to understand how it evolves, and to gain a stronger understanding of the lesser known magics. From what you’re said it seems Brennan wouldn’t be inclined to help us.”
“Honestly, Brennan’s complicated. He’s always been a West. It’s a heavy weight to have on his shoulders. There are those who view him purely as a route to the West magics, and they’re inclined to throw their daughters at him, in the hope he may choose one of them to marry. None of them believe he’ll keep the promise he made to himself to not have children.
“Unfortunately our meeting was affected by who I am. Being the daughter of one of the fae who view him as a receptacle of magic he was inclined to view me in a similar way to the others who were introduced to him, which is understandable, but I wasn’t best pleased at the time. I disliked the way he acted, and I made it known. Father wasn’t pleased to hear of the names I’d called Brennan, although word got to me later on Brennan found it more amusing than anything else.
“Willow is going to talk to him. It’s likely he’ll make the journey here to speak with us, if only to tell us to stop being morons. However it’s possible he may be willing to help guide us, because, like I said, he does know more about the West magics than anyone else alive does.”
“Jenna knew something.” Scott looked between Eleanor and Megan. “We know, for certain, she left due to the West magics, tearing pages out of her notebook to make sure we couldn’t learn what she had. Doing this… is it dangerous?”
“Yes, and no.” Eleanor leaned against the desk. “Magic, in a general sense, is neutral. The user is the one who colours it, based on who they are. Some of the Wests have been on the negative side of the spectrum. Others haven’t. Recent Wests, like Brennan, have held to a moral code passed to them from family who made better choices.
“In order to explain this we need to go back to Kalinia, to a fae named Adriana.” She glanced over at Jenna’s workstation. “Considering the choice she made it’s likely Jenna learnt about Dria first, and made the decision it was best to let sleeping bears lie, which means she didn’t learn the whole story. Had I learnt about it the way she had I probably would have made similar choices, but because Father’s on the Council I was taught what I needed to know about who I’d be meeting in the future. My choice of husband matters.
“Brennan was one of those people, as Father was not so gently guiding me in the direction, possible due to his own mistake belief connecting with the right people would change the path I was on. He hated how I was following more in Mother’s footsteps than his, even though he was the one who’d made the decision to have children with a human. Not that he believes it was a choice. It was a mistake he made when he was heartbroken.
“Unlike me Brennan is full fae. Well, as full fae as it’s possible to be, with our past being what it is. Considering the magics he has it’s actually possible he’s part dragon, but there are many who argue against it, so it’s better not to bring it up. I heard it from sources close to him, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if he knew more than he’s letting on.
“Now Brennan is the great-grandson of Dria. Dria is… it’s complicated. Everything about this is complicated.” She sighed, trying to find words once more. “There’s so much more to this story than I truly believe I can explain, but the magic of West, something Dria was also born with, was an ability to control magic itself. Should it get into the wrong hands it’s easily one of the most dangerous of all magics.”
Megan stared at Eleanor. “Adriana is complicated?”
Of course Megan was the type to pick up on the wording. Eleanor shrugged. “I’ve met Dria a couple of times. She isn’t who she was, but she also is. The fae reincarnate, and there are those, albeit very few of us, who remember the lives we lived before. Dria’s one of those fae. I know Brennan was in contact with her.”
“Yet Willow’s going to ask Brennan for help, rather than Adriana?” Scott sounded confused. Entirely understandable. “Surely she’d be the best option.”
“Should we truly need to we can talk to Dria, but with everything she went through before it’s better for us to talk to Brennan.”

Talking to Willow