Alternate Earths Landing Page

In their attempts to make a safe Earth for their people the fae created a number of alternate Earths.

After The Injection (Kim’s Earth)

How are the younger generation going to survive after almost everyone old enough to be able to have children are given a contraceptive injection that wasn’t tested well enough.

Waking Up

The Brotherhood

The Millennium brought with it a number of changes, including one that brought magic to Earth, and now several groups are learning how to come to terms with this change.

The Shapeshifters’ House

Arriving at the Brotherhood

The Donor House

Vampires are real, and they’ve been here for a very long time. Only some of them have never been how they seem – and now they’re learning how to work with the humans in order to get what they need.

Outside the House

Saving Alice

Belonging to Ace

Inside the House

A Halloween Surprise

Hoping For the Best

Alternate Universes

Henry VIII Becomes A Vampire

A Bad Idea

The Other Vampire

Henry Wakes

Introducing James