The Fae Worlds

A Mistake?

Going Back In Time

Scott watched Eleanor walk away, not fast enough to stop her. Then again he wasn’t sure he would have been able to stop her if he tried. From the way her face had gone white… he shook his head. As one of the fae she was always going to know more about the Wests than he was, but her actions complicated things, because it meant there was something to Jenna’s unexpected departure. Raking a hand through his hair he tried to work out what his next step was going to be. Hearing the sound of footsteps getting closer to him made this even more difficult. How was he going to explain it to Megan?
“Okay, what the hell did you say to here?”
“The name of the family she was going to be looking into.” Scott looked at Megan. “It was enough to have her walk out of the lab, telling me she needed some air.”
Megan ran her tongue over her bottom lip. “Jenna tore out some pages when she left.”
“Yeah, I know.” Their eyes met for a moment. “Obviously she learnt whatever it is Lea already knows, because she’s fae, and… maybe the Wests are a family we shouldn’t be looking into.”
“According to Willow there are no true Wests on Earth. Going from there is the best starting point we have.”
“Unless the only fae we’ve had apply for the job walks away due to who is it she’s going to be studying. If Lea says that this is a bad idea…”
“She’s the newbie.”
“Jenna walked away when she found out the truth about the Wests, Meg. That should have told us something. Now…” He shook his head. “We need to make the best choices we can, if we really are looking into fae magic for the reasons you say. Helping them is what I want to be doing. Pushing Lea into doing something she believes is wrong, as one of the fae, is something I’m not willing to do. She knows more than we do.”
For a moment Scott thought Megan was going to keep arguing with him, but then she nodded. “I know you’re right. I just… it feels like nothing’s worked out since the day Jenna left. We’ve been hunting for someone to take her place for so long. Lea’s the one. I knew it the moment she walked in. Without her we aren’t going to be able to get anywhere, so we do what we have to do to keep her. Even if that means giving up on the Wests.”
“Glad you’re on the same page as me.” Scott sighed. “Do I go after her?”
“Not right now. Give her some time. Let her think about what she believes is the best path. Being worried when she first heard the name doesn’t mean she will still be worried when she comes back, after some time to go over what she knows. If she’s not back in half an hour then you go after her. We don’t want to lose her. She needs to know we will be behind her if she believes we’re making the wrong choices.”
“You’re right.” Scott managed to give Megan a smile, before glancing at the notebook Jenna left behind. They’d both read her notes, but he found himself wondering if they’d missed something they shouldn’t have, something that would tell them more about Eleanor’s reaction. “This wasn’t the first day she was expecting.”
“Honestly, Scott, I don’t think any of us had the first day we were expecting.”
With that Megan walked back over to her own station, and Scott stepped over to station three, to go back through the notes the Jenna had written on the Wests. He knew very little about the Wests himself, because they weren’t the family he was studying, but Jenna had talked a little about them during her time working at the lab. From what she’d said early on it didn’t seem like there was anything to worry about. That was early on, though. Willow had done everything she could to help them, including bringing them books he couldn’t quite believe she’d managed to save from Kalinia, that told them some of the history of the world she’d left behind.
Whatever Jenna had read about the Wests had been enough for her to leave the lab, and to tear out the pages that would have given them some idea of why she’d made that choice. Slowly, Scott turned the pages. Every word was one he’d already read. Jenna focused, to begin with, on the history of the West family, from the early years on Kalinia. There were, from what she said, one of the families that travelled from Shadur to Kalinia, but held onto their history from before the move. Following the orders of a King they’d never truly accepted wasn’t something they were willing to do. Out of all the families on Kalinia they were the ones who knew the most about what it meant to be fae.
According to what had been written they knew more than they should about everything – although he was certain they would have said it was just enough. They hadn’t made the decision to travel to Earth with the rest of the fae following Willow. Instead they’d waited. He had no idea what they were waiting for, but, to them, it had been the right thing to do. Making that choice didn’t make any sense to him. If he’d been offered the option to leave a dying would he would have jumped at it.
Nothing he read, even as he got further into Jenna’s notebook, told Scott what had bothered Eleanor so much. He glanced at the clock. She had another five minutes before he went after her. He needed to know what he was missing, what he couldn’t possibly have known, and if it meant the best thing they could do was give up on learning more about the Wests.

An Unexpected Visitor